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Megh is an Entrepreneur and an Organizer

Megh is an Entrepreneur and an Organizer

Monjurul Islam Megh is an Entrepreneur:
He Founded “Dhaka Festival” at 2020
He Founded “Boimela” at 2019.
Megh Founded a film marketing, distribution and festival consulting farm name is “cineMaking” 2016.
He Founded Multi Cultural Project Development Industry “Moralook”  in 2015.
He Founded an online news portal www.wnewsbd.com in 2012 this portal is base on Multi cultural news and Data Information provider. 
He Founded and IT farm name “wPc Solve”, in 201and he founded CCIT Academy 2014. (now it is change the name moralook iT) 
Megh Founded monthly “Mojar bogura” at 2009 a magazine base in sectoral of literature. It is stop now. 

Monjurul Islam Megh is an Oranizer:

He Founded “Kahaloo Nandigram Development Council” at 2020 visit www.kahaloonandigram.com
He Founded “Life School” at 2019. visit www.megh.info
He Founded Paradise Leo Club in 2016 and he is the founder president. 
He Founded a Moral Education Growth Humanity 2015. visit www.megh.info 
He Founded BPI Bondhon in 2014 ( This is college students association, He was Founder President)
He Co-Founder Bogura Ideal leo Club at 2014 and he is the founder secretary. 
He Founded Bogura Cultural Society at 2019 with College Friends. 
He Founded Mos Shilpibon in his village at 2008 ( Not it is stop)  

Monjurul Islam Megh